John T. YU

Chairman, CTCI Group

Lecture Topic

CTCI: A Guardian of Sustainable Earth

CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu will be sharing details of a speech titled: “CTCI: A Guardian of Sustainable Earth.” The talk will focus on how CTCI, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) group, has emerged as a Guardian of Sustainable Earth and leveraged its influence as one of the world’s top 100 EPC companies. By addressing the severe challenges of climate change, CTCI promotes global sustainability through its core expertise in Green Engineering and emphasizes ESG engagement among all members. Through collaboration with global partners, CTCI actively pursues its goal of achieving a low-carbon supply chain, advocating for a sustainable planet through its engineering profession.

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PMD 61, Harvard Business School

B. S. Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Awards & Recognition