Main Theme: Engineering Resilience and Education for a Net-Zero Future

The convention theme "Engineering Resilience and Education for a Net-Zero Future" highlights the importance of engineering and education in building a more sustainable and resilient future. The convention will bring together professionals, researchers, educators, and advocates from various disciplines to explore and discuss ways to apply resilient engineering practices and advance sustainable education to contribute to a net-zero future.

The focus will be on sharing innovative engineering solutions, discussing challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainability goals, and identifying strategies for effective environmental education and awareness campaigns. The overarching goal is to work towards a future where humanity can thrive while minimizing its impact on the planet's resources and ecosystems.


FEIAP 2024 7th Convention Proceedings.pdf

Submission Guidelines


Those whose abstracts have been accepted by the FEIAP 2024 Organizing Committee, are kindly requested to submit the full papers within the specified deadline. The Organizing Committee will review the full paper.

For the accepted full papers that meet the requirements, the Organizing Committee will recommend them to the Special Issue of JCIE. The Guest Editors will then process the peer-review procedures.

If you do not intend to publish your paper in JCIE, you can choose to submit only the ppt.

We encourage all authors to submit their full papers to JCIE for the opportunity to be published in a high-quality journal indexed in SCI.

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