Session 2: Engineering a Resilient Future against Pandemic


Dr. Szu Yun LIN

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Scientific Computing, University of Michigan

M.S. in Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering Division, National Taiwan University

Research Interests & Expertise

Hazard risk analysis, Community sustainability and resilience, Distributed simulation of community response to disasters, Agent-based modeling of human behavior in disasters, Large-scale Post-disaster Damage Assessment using AI.


Impacts of Arcade Space on Improvement of Microclimate and Mitigation of Air Pollution in Urban Street Canyons


E&M Systems Engineer, CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan

2-2 Impacts of Arcade Space on... - Li Yu TSENG-20240430.pdf

The Resilience Challenge of Traffic Control Centers under the Impact of the Pandemic

Hsin Wei CHANG

Chief, ,Jinyue Branch for the Eastern Region Branch Office, Highway Bureau, MOTC

The community housing characteristics influencing the precautionary behaviors of residents against COVID-19 during the pandemic outbreak in Nanjing, China

Chi-Tz KUO

Ph. D. Candidate, National Taiwan University

2-4 The community housing characteristics... - Chi Tz KUO.pdf

A critical review on how wearing masks affect thermal comfort

Shou Wang CHEN

Master Student, National Taiwan University

Shou-Wang, Chen_A Critical Review on How Wearing Masks Affects Thermal Comfort.pdf

Optimal control for HVAC system under uncertainty - A stochastic mixed integer programming model

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Kung Jeng WANG

Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Engineering Education For A Net-Zero Future In Malaysia

Tan Chee Fai

Director, Robolab Technology Sdn Bhd